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Web design and build for a global talent agency

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Loudspeaker Agency - website design

Earlier this year we began to collaborate with the global talent agency LoudSpeaker Agency who specialise in sourcing and representing multilingual, knowledgeable, and educated talent for broadcast and events.

LoudSpeaker Agency is a dynamic boutique agency who collaborate with big industry names from ITV to Red Bull, providing these companies with a team of brilliant presenters, commentators, speakers and DJ’s.

We were commissioned to create a new custom website, bespoke filtering system and database to help LoudSpeaker Agency manage their impressive talent pool and create a streamlined user journey and experience.

Using WordPress, we built a fresh and exciting website for LoudSpeaker Agency that reflects the brands creative and passionate identity.

Their new website is live and can be viewed here.

TAC is proud to share that since the new website launched, LoudSpeaker Agency has increased their new users by 131.1%, allowing the company to connect with even more fantastic and talented people across the globe. LoudSpeaker Agency has also seen a 64.1% increase in their organic searches, enabling them to reach a wider audience and draw in new viewers.

It has been a pleasure working with the LoudSpeaker Agency team this year on this project!