Visual identity for Ameco Energy • TAC Design • Newcastle upon Tyne

Visual identity for Ameco Energy

Our Work

TAC were recently commissioned to develop a visual identity for Ameco Energy, a new company in the renewable energy sector providing unique solutions for waste management, energy production and the storage and redistribution of battery assets.

As well as delivering a new brand identity, Ameco also required naming, branded collateral and a website.

Having recently completed phase one of the project, including naming and identity design, we are happy to share with you the launch of the Ameco brand.

The visual identity we created is inspired by the constant input and output of energy, creating a sense of flow and referencing Ameco’s holistic approach. The individual elements work together to form a fingerprint, a nod to the brand’s green credentials, while the orientation on a delta suggests upward movement, creating a simplified “A”.

The next stages of the project focus on growing Ameco’s online presence, the results of which we will be sharing in the coming months.