New client: Retail Profiling • TAC Design

New client: Retail Profiling

New Client

TAC is proud to introduce our new client, Retail Profiling, a field marketing and channel development agency that operates all throughout Europe.

Retail Profiling is a technology-focused business that serves as the main point of contact for major corporations like Siemens, Samsung, and Bosch throughout 17 different countries.

Retail Profiling continuously increases product sales by expanding their clients’ global exposure and creating adaptable and successful marketing campaigns.

TAC has successfully been appointed to rebrand Retail Profiling and develop a new website that will reflect their newly established identity.

We will be auditing the company’s business offering in order to streamline their operations and create a new website that enhances and simplifies the user journey and experience for both current and prospective customers. 

TAC is excited to collaborate with the Retail Profiling team on this project, and we will share the completed website in the upcoming months!