New client: LoudSpeaker Agency • TAC Design

New client: LoudSpeaker Agency

New Client

TAC Design are working with LoudSpeaker Agency on a new website

LoudSpeaker is a dynamic talent agency who recognise the need for educated, passionate and experienced talent to lead events, front television shows and commentate sporting events. In addition to providing career changing opportunities, LoudSpeaker also offer industry specific training courses and guidance to individuals and groups looking to maximise their media potential.

TAC has been appointed by LoudSpeaker to redesign and develop a new online platform for the agency.

In the coming months, we will be working with LoudSpeaker to offer a holistic approach to building their unique offering around a streamlined user journey and experience. The project will focus on designing a flexible, modular system which will then lead to a bespoke CMS built inĀ  WordPress.