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Food Battles website launch

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Web design and build for Food Battles by 44 Events

We’re happy to announce that our recent web design and build for Food Battles is now live.

In late November, 2022, we were appointed by 44 Events to create a website that enabled them to list and showcase their diverse portfolio of street food festivals.

With the growing popularity of their events, such as: Battles of the Burger, Slice Wars, Argie Bhaji and many more, our task was to create a platform that gave 44 Events the ability to announce upcoming events, promote local street food vendors and allow those visiting the events to vote for their winner of the competitions.

In response to this, we designed and built a fully bespoke WordPress CMS, allowing content publishers to build out unique page templates using a flexible and modular system. We also built a bespoke voting system that allows the company to accurately calculate votes and build their customer database.

A full case study of the project can be found here.