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Branding and website design for Urban Park Market

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Website design for Urban Park Market, Newcastle upon Tyne

Last year, we were thrilled to receive a commission to develop a brand identity and website for Urban Park Market.

Centred around community, family, and connections, Urban Park Market brings together a diverse range of offerings including food & drinks, arts & crafts, fashion, and more, from local traders across the North East.

Our brief was to provide a branding concept to establish an identity that offers a lively, bright, fun, adaptable framework for external communication, encapsulating the core vision of the organisation.

The integration of geometric shapes into the design system enhances flexibility, serving as dynamic elements for crafting patterns and designs. Additionally, they can stand alone, serving as placeholders for text and imagery across various applications.

With the website now live, Urban Park Market has broadened its offerings across parks throughout the North East. The branding has been effectively implemented online and across all marketing materials, marking a successful rollout.

You can view the website here, and be sure to keep an eye out for an Urban Park Market near you!