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A new website for The Unthanks

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The Unthanks website design by TAC

The Unthanks are an English folk group known for their eclectic approach in combining traditional English folk, particularly Northumbrian folk music, with other musical genres.

Their unique approach positions The Unthanks as much more than a band. They exist to explore ideas, journey through music, share stories, to connect and participate, as well as to perform.

TAC recently designed, developed and launched a new website for the band to coincide with their upcoming tour and album release, Sorrows Away.

The new website communicates and celebrates the band’s rich cultural heritage, influences and successes through improved navigation, UX and immersive storytelling.

A modular framework provides content publishers with a diverse range of layouts, allowing for all content types and facilitating an engaging user journey.

With such a diverse following, it was paramount that consideration was given to functional requirements in driving customer purchases. Our solution improved search functionality and streamlined the checkout process, leading to an increase in conversion rates for ticket and merchandise sales.

As part of the checkout process, we built in a bespoke collection service. This allows fans attending a gig to pick up their orders at the venue. Consideration was also given to delivery costs in the EU. To avoid EU costumers paying large import costs we included a EU tax solution, meaning tax and duty is automatically paid.

Since launch, the website has successfully supported The Unthanks with the release of their new album and tour. You can visit the site here.