What we do

TAC has over a decade of WordPress development experience, building bespoke websites for clients across a wide range of sectors.

We love the flexibility WordPress offers and there’s rarely a brief that it isn’t suitable for. The websites that we deliver offer content publishers the ability to build completely unique page layouts, simply and intuitively, making it easy for brands to get their message across in the most effective way possible.

Our WordPress development experience

Our team has been involved with WordPress since its early days. In the time since, we have seen it grow into a Content Management System that powers 35% of the web. The open-source nature of WordPress means that it is always evolving and becoming an even more invaluable tool for brands.

TAC takes an active role in the WordPress community by sponsoring and speaking at events, hosting local meet-ups and contributing code to the WordPress core software itself.

We’ve used our WordPress development experience to help large organisations, such as Northumberland National Park, Avis Budget Group, and the Royal Institute of British Architects, have more creativity and flexibility with their online presence.

Our approach to WordPress development

The first stage in our process is to spend time with our clients, finding out about their brand, their goals and their audience. From this basis, we design and build WordPress websites and apps around a user’s needs.

Every brand is unique and has its own purpose, so our WordPress development is tailored to each project. The products we deliver are all written with bespoke code from the ground up and crafted to the highest of standards. This means we can guarantee the quality, security and maintainability of everything we deliver.

Unique products built with WordPress

We’ve used WordPress to power complex systems for large organisations, including ticketing and e-commerce. We’ve designed content-managed, location-based mapping systems, used WordPress to manage content and data flow for mobile apps and built flexible paywalls.

Using WordPress Multisite, we have enabled brands to centrally manage a network of websites in an efficient and easy to maintain way.

Start your project

We’re always interested in WordPress projects and using it to do new and innovative things. If you have a project in mind, why not get in touch with us at [email protected].