What we do

Our website design process has been refined over the past decade and results in websites that get results for clients and provide memorable experiences for users. The websites we design are user-friendly, flexible and built on rock-solid foundations.

Our approach to website design

We believe that the web doesn’t need to be a complicated place. The way a website makes people feel is key to their perception of a brand; good experience breeds trust. We work with our clients to understand their business and the personality of their brand. Armed with this information we build websites that create flow and create positive experiences.

We take an essentialist approach to web design that ignores trends and eliminates the clutter that makes many websites difficult to use. We let the key elements of a website breathe – what is not there is just as important as what is.

Our website design process

There’s more to a website than aesthetics. We work with our clients to identify their needs and the needs of their audience. We set out clear goals and from there we create a specification for the website that is used at every step of the process to measure the success of the project.

Starting with simple user cases and user journeys, we identify the messages that the website needs and how best to communicate them. This feeds into a content structure, which then becomes wireframes and finally the visual designs that will dictate the look and feel of the finished website.

Every brand and therefore every website is unique. Our in-depth process ensures that we fully understand our clients, their goals and their audience to produce a bespoke solution and will help to achieve success online.

A focus on user experience

With more people accessing websites on mobile devices than ever, a consistent experience regardless of the the device being used is fundamental to the success of a website. Everything we produce is designed to function beautifully on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Completing tasks on a website is often way more complicated than it needs to be. By designing experiences based on specific user journeys, we eliminate the unnecessary and ensure that the websites we produce are clear, clean and enjoyable to use.


We believe the web is for everyone and therefore our websites are built with accessibility at their core. The needs of users with sight impairments and disabilities shouldn’t be compromised by the visual design of a website.

Our websites are designed to meet the latest WCAG 2.1 accessibility standards and, alongside our web development process, ensures that they are usable by users with a wide range of assistive technologies.

We’ve helped clients with large, content-heavy websites, such as Northumberland National Park and the University of Aberdeen to achieve accessibility standards and provide the best possible experience to all of their users.

Got a website design project?

We’ve honed our web design process into something we feel gives our clients every possible chance at success. If you have a web design project and you’re looking for a creative design agency to bring it to life, why not get in touch?

There’s funding available for website design in Newcastle and the North East. Ask us for more information and get your project started today.