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Web design in Newcastle upon Tyne

We design beautiful, functional websites, with a focus on simplicity and usability. Our refined web design process is tailored to get results for our clients and to provide memorable experiences for users.

We believe that the web doesn’t need to be an overly complicated place. The way a website makes people feel is key to their perception of a brand and a good experience creates trust and builds reputation.

The websites we design are user-friendly, accessible, flexible and built on rock-solid foundations.

Kin by Mowlem website by TAC

What we do

We’re a full-service web design agency in Newcastle upon Tyne. Our in-house team can deliver projects of any size and complexity, from scoping through to delivery and support. We’ve worked with clients ranging from global brands and universities to National Parks and exciting new startups.

We specialise in designing bespoke websites and creating custom content-managed solutions for the web and mobile. Everything we do is designed to work beautifully across all devices, from desktop to tablet and mobile.

With an approach built around principles of honesty, simplicity and clarity, combined with backgrounds working on large-scale, high-traffic websites, we design beautiful products that create meaningful interactions between brands and their audience.

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Responsive web design for CCoT
Responsive web design for CCoT

Our web design ethos

We work with our clients to understand their business and the personality of their brand. Armed with this information we build websites that create flow and create positive experiences.

We take an essentialist approach to web design that ignores trends and eliminates the clutter that makes many websites difficult to use. We let the key elements of a website breathe – what is not there is just as important as what is.

The websites we create provide our clients with the tools to publish content simply and efficiently, empowering them to build meaningful relationships between their brand and its audience.

Our in-depth process ensures that we fully understand our clients, their goals and their audience to deliver a targetted solution that helps to achieve success online.

James CarrollCreative Director
Web development for Northumberland National Park
Web development for Northumberland National Park

Our approach to web design

There’s more to a website than aesthetics. From our studio in Newcastle upon Tyne, we host workshops with our clients to identify their needs and the needs of their audience. We set out clear goals and personas and from there we create a specification for the website. We use this at every step of the process to measure the success of the project.

Starting with simple use cases and user journeys, we identify the messages that the website needs and how best to communicate them. This feeds into a content structure, which then becomes wireframes and finally the visual designs that will dictate the look and feel of the finished website.

The websites we design are as unique as the brands we design them for.

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We aim to empower our clients to take control of their online presence. The websites we deliver are designed to provide our clients with complete flexibility to publish their content efficiently and without limitations.

We believe that a website should be able to adapt to your needs and that your content shouldn’t need to be made to fit into rigid templates. With a modular, block-lead approach to web design, we provide reusable components that can be used to create unique layouts.

Our websites are delivered with future-proofing in mind. As your brand grows and the needs of your business change, the design language of your website has the flexibility to evolve with it.

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Web Design
Squires Barnett Architects website by TAC

A focus on usability

Completing tasks on a website is often way more complicated than it needs to be. By designing experiences based on specific user journeys, we eliminate the unnecessary and ensure that the websites we produce are clear, clean and enjoyable to use.

Frustration and confusion are the two primary reasons why users leave a website. By simplifying processes we can create more efficient interactions between brands and their audiences.

With more people accessing websites on mobile devices than ever, a consistent experience regardless of the device being used is fundamental to the success of a website. Everything we produce is designed to function beautifully on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.


We believe the web is for everyone and therefore our websites are built with accessibility at their core. The needs of users with sight impairments and disabilities shouldn’t be compromised by the visual design of a website.

Our websites are designed to meet the latest WCAG 2.1 accessibility standards and, alongside our web development process, ensures that they are usable by users with a wide range of assistive technologies.

We’ve helped clients with large, content-heavy websites, such as Northumberland National Park and the University of Aberdeen to achieve accessibility standards and provide the best possible experience to all of their users.

Web Design
Brinkburn website by TAC

Bringing it all together

Combining web design with web development, WordPress development, brand strategy and SEO, we provide end-to-end solutions that completely optimise the performance of a brand.

Our team is intentionally small, meaning that we build close working relationships with our clients, which helps us to get under the skin of their organisation and really understand the purpose of their brand.

We like to work together for the long term and become an extension of your organisation.

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E-commerce development for Kin
Website design for Kin by Mowlem

The results

Our web design skills and expertise have been used to grow Northumberland National Park’s monthly audience by 70%, to help the University of Aberdeen launch a new on-demand learning platform and to support some of Europe’s largest music festivals.

We’ve designed websites that have supported the launch of new brands and helped to take countless new products and services to market.

We have empowered organisations in Newcastle upon Tyne and further afield to refine and make the most of their websites, helping them to publish better content, easily and with complete flexibility.

Stockton Volunteers website by TAC
Stockton Volunteers website by TAC

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We’ve refined our web design process into something we feel gives our clients every possible chance at success. If you have a web design project and you’re looking for a creative design agency to bring it to life, why not get in touch?

There’s funding available for web design in Newcastle upon Tyne and the North East. Ask us for more information and get your project started today.

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