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What we do

We believe that simplicity and attention to detail are the key elements of both great design and a successful visual identity.

Our creative approach, led by a strong strategic understanding of your brand, looks to better connect you with your audience and uniquely position you within your market. This process, informed by such research and insight, enables us to craft both meaningful brand identities and experiences which work successfully across channels and platforms.

Ameco Energy identity by TAC
Ameco Energy identity by TAC

Approach to Visual Identity

We believe that understanding your audience is key to creating clarity of purpose. Driven by our brand strategy process all creative is informed by research and insight, ultimately enabling output that is the best representation of you.

This blend helps us deliver simple, unique and meaningful identities.

Once we have created your visual identity we will look at the development of the brand system. Our aim is to create a truly universal brand experience, remaining true to your purpose and values.

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Logo design for Wylam Brewery

Brand Guidelines

The creation of a Brand Guidelines document acts as a reference tool that helps maintain consistency across your brand by underlining how the brand looks, feels and sounds.

Again, your brand system is not just a logo. Instead, it is composed of a number of elements that come together to create a distinctive look and feel that makes your brand instantly recognisable. Spanning logo applications, colour usage, typography guidance and application of the brand across booklets, banners, posters, web and social assets – these guidelines will assist you in designing and producing communication with creative flexibility.

Arts&Heritage brand guidelines by TAC

Our experience in building brands

Since 2009, TAC has delivered a number of successful branding and rebranding projects across a diverse range of industries including engineering, packaging and high-end audio.

We like to work closely with our clients, forming a close relationship and a strong understanding of their business’ purpose and their customer motivations. Because of this each and every project is unique, meaning we tailor our approach to achieve the best possible results. Creating such clarity of purpose enables us to develop a purposeful visual identity and experience while remaining true to your company’s values.

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We like to work closely with our clients, forming a close relationship and a strong understanding of their business’ purpose and their customer motivations.

James CarrollCreative Director
Photo of the TAC studio
Photo of the TAC team

Funding for branding and visual identity projects

There’s funding in Newcastle and the North East available for a visual identity project. Ask us for more information and get your project started today.

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