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What we do

At TAC we consider Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as a much wider brand experience rather than just a way for potential customers to discover you through Google.

A good SEO strategy can influence all aspects of your brand, from social strategies, advertising to the structure and content of your website – ultimately building rapport and increasing the quantity and more importantly the quality of leads.

Our process starts with finding out who your customer is and what drives their actions, this will influence how your brand serves them through to the content of your brand’s touch-points. The second is the SEO base which makes sure your website is optimised for searches, this will give you the best chance of appearing high up in Google and generating quality leads.

The Arts&Heritage website
Web development for Northumberland National Park
Web development for Northumberland National Park

Our experience in SEO

We have created SEO strategies for many new and existing projects, whether that is to give an existing website a boost or create a bespoke online marketing strategy with SEO as the guiding factor.

The foundation for a good SEO strategy is to always think about the user and the quality of the content –  good content that engages the user is good for SEO. Of course, there are many other factors that our team is always keeping up and adhering to Google’s ever-changing best practices.

We develop and design websites with the user in mind and to work flawlessly across all devices, this ensures that the basis for SEO performance is already in place. This makes for a great foundation to implement a more focused strategy.

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As with everything we do at TAC, we like to make the process simple and have a purpose, with our main focus being on quality, user engagement, and intent. The technical side which builds performance and trust results to a website that performs better in search.

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Our approach to SEO

Our approach is to first develop an accurate picture of your customer, outlining their demographic, their motives, behaviors, issues, and end goals. We then work together with you to understand your organisation’s objectives and the short, medium, and longterm goals. This will help influence every aspect of the SEO strategy from the content of a website to online advertising.

The role of Google and other search engines is to give the user the best result they can base on their search. There are many factors that will be taken into account when deciding which webpage is the best result for the user. This will range from the search term used, the usability, the performance/speed of your website, and even whether the website is trusted. Our SEO Base looks to improve all of these aspects giving your website the best chance of ranking the best it can.

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Stockton Volunteers website by TAC
Stockton Volunteers website by TAC

Funding for SEO projects

There’s funding in Newcastle and the North East available for a SEO project. Ask us for more information and get your project started today.

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