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What we do

At TAC, we believe in a purist approach. With simplicity as a guiding principle, we believe that great design is a combination of strong strategic understanding and creative exploration. We also don’t believe in temporary fixes and are committed to producing long-lasting design that is true to the brand, staying loyal to it’s values and purpose.

Our approach to design is tailored to each client and project, adapting and changing processes to solve new problems and producing innovative solutions.

Node identity by TAC
Wilderness Yurts logo

Our experience in design

With over 20 years experience in the design industry, our body of work includes a diverse range of clients and projects. Such diversity is something we strive to achieve, meaning each project requires a unique approach and a good understanding of people and our clients’ businesses is key.

Working with a number of clients across multiple different industries has meant we’ve had the pleasure of working on a wide range of projects. With this multi-disciplined approach to design, since 2009 we have created successful visual identities and brand systems for businesses in the audio, leisure and engineering sectors, delivered print work and exhibition designs that have been displayed across the world and packaging designs for the games and sport industries. In addition to this we have delivered user experiences for universities and have recently designed a bespoke control system for underwater vehicles.

Our belief that design has to serve a purpose allows us to take fundamental principles and apply them to varying projects.

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We’ve worked with TAC on a number of projects over the past 10 years; they have consistently created the ideal platform for us to display our products. Their technical expertise and design ethos has always ensured we are happy with their work.

David Allen, Node AudioDirector

Our approach to design

TAC’s ability to deliver great design consistently and with purpose is rooted in understanding and simplicity. We take the time to understand people, businesses, and organisations to identify the true purpose of any project, whether that is a new logo, web design or an exhibition.

Such understanding of people and their businesses allow us to craft meaningful work across each of the disciplines and services we provide.

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Arts&Heritage business stationary
Squires Barnett Architects identity by TAC

Funding for design projects

There’s funding in Newcastle and the North East available for a design project. Ask us for more information and get your project started today.

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