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A brand is more than a logo. A brand, along with its people is the most valuable asset to a business. It is how people see you, how they experience you, and how the brand makes them feel. A great brand strategy has a compelling purpose for being and will improve people’s lives in some way, internally and externally – whether that’s empowering them to achieve a desired goal or helping them connect with others. A good brand not only connects you to your audience but also aligns the business internally with a clear purpose, vision and values.

Understanding people and what motivates them is at the center of our brand process. This allows us to find the true purpose of a brand and align it with the motivations of your customer or user. Because we put people and purpose first, we can create meaningful brands across multiple sectors ranging from cultural, retail, tourism and engineering.

Vanilla identity by TAC
Willow Body logo by TAC

Experience in brand development

TAC has created brands for start-ups and has helped existing brands inject new life and purpose into their businesses. Working closely with our clients and researching the market, we form a solid understanding of what is required to achieve the goals of a new or existing brand.

Our creative team guided by the brand development process brings brands to life. Creating the look & feel, how it sounds and how the user interacts with it. We stay true to the brand throughout the creative process, producing all necessary assets from the identity, messaging, website and content creation. Every touchpoint of the brand should be familiar and our process ensures the experience is consistent with the brand.

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Our approach is first to understand people and what drives them. This clarifies exactly who the brand is for and how it will impact their lives. It acts as a reference point throughout the brand's journey, making sure every touchpoint of the brand and marketing has the customers' needs & goals in mind.

James CarrollCreative Director

Our approach to brand development

TAC’s philosophy of understanding, purpose and simplicity runs through our brand development process. We work closely with our clients to tailor a process that only includes the essential aspects of brand building. This approach clears the way to finding the clear objectives of the brand and achieving short, medium and longterm goals.

We take the time to understand your organisation, your goals, your challenges and the market. This allows us to work objectively and identify a clear purpose for your brand. The brand purpose sets out why the business exists and how it affects people’s lives in a positive way and a compelling vision will guide the business internally.

Once we have developed the brand, a detailed brand document is produced outlining customer motivations, brand purpose, brand vision, brand values, competitor analysis, customers’ wants & needs and the tone of voice. This document guides and informs the design process ensuring all touchpoints are true to the brand and has purpose.

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Funding for brand strategy projects

There’s funding in Newcastle and the North East available for a brand strategy project. Ask us for more information and get your project started today.

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